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    Basic principle and composition of sanding machine

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    Basic principle and composition of sanding machine

    The basic principle of sanding machine

    Cloth sanding, sanding high-speed rotation, sharp sand the surface of the fabricfibers part cut off, appear even tight suede fabric surface. After sanding fabricappearance, leavening plump, soft and thick. Sanding products developed rapidly, has become one of the most important sueding finishing process of thefabric.

    Sanding machine structure

    Sanding machine is composed of fabric, padding device, pre drying part, two units sanding machine, cloth shelf.

    8; 9: fabric

    Sanding machine feed frame are equipped with a tension regulator, adjustabletension according to the fabric thickness, weight, in order to ensure the fabric wrinkle, do not wrinkle. In addition, also equipped with a suction side is on, there is a widening of the fabric, and is not easy to deviation.

    8; 8: impregnating device

    Sanding machine impregnating device consisting of a slot and a pair of heavyrolling vehicle, heavy padder moisture can be maximally fabric carrying roll off,contribute to the drying.

    The 8 part: pre drying;

    Fabric padding, /#< =%#< moisture to dry in the pre drying process, in order to reduce wrinkle fabric, is conducive to the sanding effect. 8; <: two units sanding machine sand roller! There are > root rubber roller mill, and root / edge milling roller, can be wrapped around the different specifications of the skin, rotating speed of sanding treatment. Commonly used sand paper models: ># = /#? Can be used for heavy fabric, $## = $&#? Thick fabric, $*# = $>#? High density fabric.Rubber roller can be sanded before and after the operation, in order to achievesatisfactory results.

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