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    Automatic nail brush tufting machine (section Zhuangmao) Introduction

    Posted by:植毛机     join time:2014/4/25 8:04:44     hits:1629


    Automatic nail brush tufting machine (section Zhuangmao) Introduction

    Product type: CP-FANT-AC-103

    Automatic nail brush tufting machine (Duan Zhuangmao)

    Model: CP-FANT-AC-103

    The machine is compact and flexible, simple operation, professional hair designfor nail brush; hair, wool synchronization is complete.

    Full automatic circulation industrial equipment, greatly improving the work efficiency.

    The automatic adjustment of the inverter speed, hair for the general rate of 60-90 / min.

    Single phase power supply can be input.

    High efficiency, high yield, low cost.

    The brush handle length 32mm--40mm, diameter within 9mm-- - - 13mm - sectionare easily.

    A worker can operate 2-3 machines at the same time.

    The design and device has been China invention patent: ZL200610018752.6