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>> Brushless DC motor

    Application of Brushless DC motor is very wide, such as automotive, industrialtools, industrial control, automation, aerospace and so on.

    1, can replace the DC motor speed regulation, frequency converter,frequency control of motor speed, speed asynchronous motor + reducer;

    2, has the advantages of traditional DC motor, and canceled the carbon brush, slip ring structure;

    3, low speed high power operation, can save the reducer directly drive bigload;

    4, small volume, light weight, large output;

    5, the torque characteristics of low-speed torque performance, excellent,good, large starting torque, small starting current;

    6, stepless speed regulation, wide speed range, strong overload capacity;

    7, soft start soft stop and braking characte

    ristics, can save the originalmechanical brake or electromagnetic braking device;

    8, high efficiency, no excitation loss of motor itself and carbon brush loss,eliminates the multilevel reduction consumption, comprehensive energy saving rate can reach 20%~60%.

    9, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple maintenance and maintenance;

    10, bumping resistance vibration, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation,long service life;

    11, no spark, especially suitable for explosive places with explosion-proof;

    12, according to the need of optional trapezoidal wave magnetic field motorand sine wave magnetic field motor.